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Tower Crane Inspections

Third party inspections of Tower Cranes can be critical to workplace safety.

You just rented a new tower crane for your project and the installers hand you a simple, one page document that “certifies” that the new crane they just assembled is ready to work. Are you sure about that? Do you think that the rental company and their installers are the most qualified persons to “certify” their own equipment? Wouldn’t you be better off with an accredited 3rd party?

We don't perform crane inspections anymore, but we've often see equipment that should not have passed inspection cause accidents and serious injury, all because the owner or rental company wanted to save a few bucks and rely on an “in house” inspection. Can you put a price on a person’s life? The jury will.

Please employ third-party inspectors and get a clean bill of health before using any rental tower crane. Here's what we found a few years ago after installers gave a tower crane a "cleam bill of health." View photos and explanations.

Tower crane inspections should definitely include, but are not limited to:

  • Trolley rollers, tracks, slewing rings and rollers
  • Electrical components
  • Sheaves, brushings and pins
  • Jib backstops (if applicable)
  • Boom hoist brake
  • Guy ropes, pendant lines, cable clips, thimbles and ferrules
  • Load line, trolley line and boom hoist rope (if applicable)
  • Counterweights, supports, brackets
  • All drive components
  • Anchor and tower bolts and pins
  • Proper lubrication
  • All Belts for tension, alignment and chaffing
  • All brakes for adjustment and wear
  • Windows and guards
  • Safety Equipment
  • Hoisting Drum
  • Boom Hoist and Lift Cylinders
  • Rigging hardware and accessories
  • Welds